Inbox 2016 New Interface Inbox 2016 New Interface is rumored to be launching soon. The Gmail interface gives a unique edge to Gmail webmail system. The most valued feature is of search-oriented Gmail account and its conversion-style in mail box which is quite similar to internet forum. Gmail was officially redesigned for its Gmail interface on November 01, 2011.

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In year 2011 revamp in Google’s interface the over-all look of Gmail was made simplified and more minimalist for providing a consistent appearance throughout the Google products. Gmail uses Ajax programming software for its interface. It also applies browsing features i.e. JavaScript keyboard access keys and other web feed integration.

  • Gmail interface allows its users to conduct advance searches either by Advances Search interface or from search operators in search box available on WebPages.
  • A Gmail interface provides the facility of searching emails by their texts. You can search any mail by searching ‘From’, ‘To’ and by feeding ‘Subject’ into search box for retrieving desired email.
  • Gmail interface also provides facility to retrieve or search old email address by mentioning size of the desired email address.
  • Gmail interface also allows mail searching by the category of read mails and unread mails as well.

Gmail interface also provides undocumented search operator i.e. “language: Russian” for example. By default, Gmail automatically adds ‘And’ between the search terms. Gmail interface also allows the Boolean operation which stands for an “OR” for finding messages which resemble to one or more terms.

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Gmail also has the create rule – filters provision. It works for automatic organization of incoming mails. Such filters are created by using Advanced Search interface. Gmail label provides an easy method of organizing email. However, an email can have a number of labels. Gmail email labels are similar to tags on a blog post. In addition to that Gmail label also work as folders if you moved to a label. Gmail interface allows users to achieve emails and that can be retrieved by “All Mail’ section. The All Mail section represents the option of seeing all mails. At Gmail labels can be well created as search criterion.

Gmail has also received critique’s appreciation for replacing the limitation of hierarchical folders with flexibility of labels. At Gmail, important emails are starred for quick and easy access. Many stars are available to denote different types of emails. Such stars can be configured by going in to ‘Settings’ of the Gmail account.

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