Gmail 2-Steps Verification Process

Gmail 2-step verification which is abbreviated as TSV is a process by which two subsequent and dependent stages to verify the identity of an account trying to get access services at a computer or in a network with just one password, whilst there is not any proof gathered that the holder of the unit is distinguishable to the original holder of the email address.

gmail 2-steps verification

Gmail 2-Steps Verification Process

  1. For getting the access of the account the implementation of the second step is required.
  2. You have to give a mobile phone number or the any other Google Authenticator application is required. This application belongs to possession factor.
  3. The right of making a decision for having a mobile phone number to verify the account or for using other means are of the email holder.
  4. If the user decides to have a mobile phone he has to register his/her phone number with Google when he will enable Google Two Step verification.

Google is the first company to introduce a two step verification method. To get the access of a Google service by two step verification procedure, a user has to go through the following steps which are also called Two Steps Verification process.

Two Steps verification enables many users to have their account secured from any theft and illegal use by any third party. This system has been proved as very secure and gives zero chance to the hacker to hack account.

The process of Two Step Verification starts from login gmail with your username and password. This belongs to the knowledge factor application. Those accounts on which Two Step Verification is applied – they doesn’t open even if you give the right email address and password.

After the Two steps verification is enabled on the account then whenever one attempt to authenticate with username and password on specific email, Google will send via SMS a new- unique code to the phone number which was registered with Google. Receiving the SMS is the proof that the user who is trying to log in has the phone. If the email account holder wishes to use Google Authenticator application then he will simply open the application which will generate a brand new code after every 30 seconds. After receiving the code he / she will enter it on the ID hence the process of logging will be complete.

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