Gmail 2-Steps Verification Process

Gmail 2-step verification which is abbreviated as TSV is a process by which two subsequent and dependent stages to verify the identity of an account trying to get access services at a computer or in a network with just one password, whilst there is not any proof gathered that the holder of the unit is distinguishable to the original holder of the email address.

gmail 2-steps verification

Gmail 2-Steps Verification Process

  1. For getting the access of the account the implementation of the second step is required.
  2. You have to give a mobile phone number or the any other Google Authenticator application is required. This application belongs to possession factor.
  3. The right of making a decision for having a mobile phone number to verify the account or for using other means are of the email holder.
  4. If the user decides to have a mobile phone he has to register his/her phone number with Google when he will enable Google Two Step verification.

Google is the first company to introduce a two step verification method. To get the access of a Google service by two step verification procedure, a user has to go through the following steps which are also called Two Steps Verification process. Read More… Inbox 2016 New Interface Inbox 2016 New Interface is rumored to be launching soon. The Gmail interface gives a unique edge to Gmail webmail system. The most valued feature is of search-oriented Gmail account and its conversion-style in mail box which is quite similar to internet forum. Gmail was officially redesigned for its Gmail interface on November 01, 2011.

gmail 2014 features

In year 2011 revamp in Google’s interface the over-all look of Gmail was made simplified and more minimalist for providing a consistent appearance throughout the Google products. Gmail uses Ajax programming software for its interface. It also applies browsing features i.e. JavaScript keyboard access keys and other web feed integration.

  • Gmail interface allows its users to conduct advance searches either by Advances Search interface or from search operators in search box available on WebPages.
  • A Gmail interface provides the facility of searching emails by their texts. You can search any mail by searching ‘From’, ‘To’ and by feeding ‘Subject’ into search box for retrieving desired email.
  • Gmail interface also provides facility to retrieve or search old email address by mentioning size of the desired email address.
  • Gmail interface also allows mail searching by the category of read mails and unread mails as well.

Gmail interface also provides undocumented search operator i.e. “language: Russian” for example. By default, Gmail automatically Read More…